I went to the Okinawa Ryukyo Sweet cafe “SANS SOUCI”!

I felt that this cafe was mixed with Okinawa, Kyoto and America. So Good!

But I had to wait for an hour outside on the Sunday noon…

Renovatied foreign housing

Going straight to the narrow road of Kitanakagusu-son, you can find this cafeterrior. I was surprised to know that many foreign travelers visited there, too.

Generally, foreign housing was renovated for this café, so the outside (or the its garden) looks very nice!

Of course, the inside the cafe is good, too!

This time, there were many customers, I didn’t take any pictures of inside the cafe.

SUMMER ONLY Sudachi Udon

I ordered “Sudachi Udon” that was summer only and chilled well. Sudachi is kind of citrus.

First, the amount of Sudachi is so much!! Next, the soup has good smell of Sudachi and Japanese ginger “Myoga”, which makes me feel the season!

The udon is chewy and good taste! Just like “Ryukyo.” It’s a Kyoto-ish menu in Okinawa.

What is Ryukyo
Our sweets, foods and drinks are made under the theme of “
collaboration of ingredients between Okinawa and Kyoto” and
“feeling Kyoto while being in Okinawa”
 Okinawa and fused the Kyoto green tea brown sugar
and sweets, Kujo green onions and Okinawa Kyoto
combined prefecture production Yanbaru chicken food.
In addition, “Ryukyo” is a Kyoto miscellaneous item purchased directly from Kyoto,

a taste that comes from combining Okinawa and Kyoto ingredients,” and “you can taste the taste of the ancient capital of Kyoto while you are in Okinawa
 In all means SANS SOUCI [carefree] mood
please unwind and relax please.

Oyako-don and dessert

Chiken inside the Oyako-don is tender, just like soft and moist Oyako-don! It was delicious.

At lunch-time, you can add dessert and drink for an extra 300 JPY to your food order.

I’m full! I’m quite satisfied with this café. (I waited an hour though.)