I went to the restaurant “To To La Bebe Hamburger” at Motobu-cho in Okinawa City.Here is the report.

The restaurant builds among private houses there.

Around the restaurant

If you use a map or car navigation when you come to this place, Sakimotobu elementary School will be the landmark.

There are many private houses around the restaurant, but it is easy to find the restaurant near the place.

This is the appearance. It’s not difficult, right?

 There is Sakimotobu Public Hall in front of the restaurant.

Again, all the buildings except this restaurant are private houses.

The Look of Inside the Restaurant

This restaurant is built with an old house, so it has its own tatami room and tables that are based around the color white.

You can feel different designs in the same space. I had a child, so tatami room was so convenience.

There are many customers this day, so I didn’t take the picture of inside the restaurant.

Motobu Beef Hamburger

Of course, I ordered “Motobu Beef Hamburger” that uses 100 % Motobu beef and 150g thick patty. I really wanted to eat this one.

It’s limeted quantity and I got the last one fortunately.

First, I ate only the part of patty.

After the exciting taste of beef, the good smell of smoked beef came. And then, I ate all with bun and lettuce…that was absolutely perfect!

The bun was not only soft but also crispy.I couldn’t explain it well, but I felt something like that. Please try it!

The lettuce inside the hamburger made me an good impression that it had the same strong taste as the patty of Motobu 100% beef. The sauce was good accent for the patty, too.

To To La Bebe Hamburger

Here is the picture of “To To La Bebe Hamburger.” The patty uses the fat of Japanese Black beef and homemade bacons.

I think Motobu Beef Hamburger also uses the same ingredients as this hamburger except the patty.

Motobu Beef Hamburger costs 1,400 JPY, and To To La Bebe Hamburger does 760 JPY. Cheap, right?

This restaurant is on the way to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Let’s come and eat!