Today, I’m gonna write about CHARLIE’S TACOS at Park Avenue in Okinawa City. As the meaning of Japanese Kanji name of this restaurant “TACOSU”, Ta means “many”, Co means “happiness”, and SU means “congratulations”.

The History of CHARLIE’S TACOS

This restaurant has served Tacos to local people in Okinawa since its opening in 1956. After knowing the history, you will come to want to try the Tacos, right?

The Look of Inside the Restaurant

Maybe you know, it’s like an old restaurant that is frozen in time, and you can feel retro and pop everywhere.

Old pictures and autographs of famous people are displayed on the wall, and the napkins written the messages from customers are scrapped in chronological order.

Probably, these things means that this restaurant has been loved by local people, the travelers outside and inside of Japan for a long time.

Order the Tacos

The Tacos is bigger than what I think, and the tortilla is thick and soft, so you will be full.

The price of a piece of Tacos is 250 JPY, and if you order 3 pieces, it costs 690 JPY. The kinds of Tacos are chiken, beef and Tuna. The picture is beef one.

Also, you can choose sauce; spicy, mix, and mild. I ordered spicy one.

The spicy sauce is not hot so much, and is good with shredded lettuces. It’s so tasty!!

Order the Taco rice

S size of the Taco rice costs 400 JPY. It’s usual portion.

If you order Tacos with this, I recommend you to order S size of Tacos. (If you want to eat a lot, you shoud order more than M size.)

I thought the taste of Tacos was so-so before eating, but I liked it after doing with the sauce! I couldn’t stop eating.

On the other hand, I didn’t like salad dressing so much…maybe local people feel it’s old-ish.

Menu for kids

It contains orange juice, CHARLIE’S rice, salad, french fries, and jelly.I felt the french fries was not enough to be full, so I added it more.

And this restaurant also has hamburgers, hotdogs and steak sandwiches.

I will order the steak sandwich next time!