Today, I’m gonna write about the Tacos restaurant called SENOR TACO that is at PLAZA HOUSE in Okinawa City.

A huge shopping mall called AEON MALL OKINAWA RYCOM , which have passed a few years after the opening, is near the restaurant and well-known among local people.

There is my favorite another Tacos restaurant called KIN-TACO as KING TACOS near the mall, but I love SENOR TACO the best!

I wonder ig KIN-TACO’s is American because it is big and flat to the taste. On the other hand, SENOR TACO’s sauce has a rich taste, which addicts me a lot.

But I have some bad points against SENOR TACO. Here I’m gonna report them to you honestly.

The Look of the Restaurant

Here are the pictures of the entrance and inside the restaurant. It’s neither snug nor stylish…just like a fast food restaurant that is frozen in time.

Personally. I like PLAZA HOUSE because it is American-ish, so I strongly think we need SENOR TACO in this mall.

In the restaurant, local senior citizen was talking, that looks so fun. (In Okinawa, we call “taking” as Yuntaku.) This restaurant has Take-out service, so local people can not only eat at home but also go way.


Tacos / piece : 200 JPY. It is filled with seasoned beef, cheese, tomatoes, cabbages and so on inside the soft tortillas.

A piece of Tacos is huge and filling!

And the best point of all, SENOR TACO’ sauce is absolutely good!

Next is Taco rice.

There are 2 sizes of Taco rice; S size is 300 JPY and L size is 550 JPY.

When it come to S size, you think it is too small to be full, but actually it is normal size.

If you order Tacos, S size of Taco rice is enough. Cheap and Enough! Personally I needed cheese more, but I liked it.

And here is french fries. Only 140 JPY! My children like potatoes, so thanked the price.

Bad points

I liked the taste of Tacos, but I had only two bad points… First, it is non-clean. Honestly, I don’t mind it but some people care about it, right?

Second, it is the attitude of the staff. They looked so busy and didn’t care about me kindly.

I think most famouse Tacas restaurants are like these, though. Do you care about these bad points?