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Visit an Okinawa Ryukyo Sweet cafe “SANS SOUCI”!

I went to the Okinawa Ryukyo Sweet cafe “SANS SOUCI”! I felt that this cafe was mixed with Okinawa, Kyoto and America. So Good! But I had to wait for an hour outside on the Sunday noon… Renovatied foreign housing Going straight to the narrow road of Kitanakagusu-son, you can find this cafeterrior. I was […]

Visit To To La Bebe Hamburger!

I went to the restaurant “To To La Bebe Hamburger” at Motobu-cho in Okinawa City.Here is the report. The restaurant builds among private houses there. Around the restaurant If you use a map or car navigation when you come to this place, Sakimotobu elementary School will be the landmark. There are many private houses around […]

Eat Tacos and Taco rive in CHARLIE’S TACOS!

Today, I’m gonna write about CHARLIE’S TACOS at Park Avenue in Okinawa City. As the meaning of Japanese Kanji name of this restaurant “TACOSU”, Ta means “many”, Co means “happiness”, and SU means “congratulations”. The History of CHARLIE’S TACOS This restaurant has served Tacos to local people in Okinawa since its opening in 1956. After […]

Good or not? SENOR TACO of a Tacos Restaurant in Okinawa City.

Today, I’m gonna write about the Tacos restaurant called SENOR TACO that is at PLAZA HOUSE in Okinawa City. A huge shopping mall called AEON MALL OKINAWA RYCOM , which have passed a few years after the opening, is near the restaurant and well-known among local people. There is my favorite another Tacos restaurant called […]