Mögel is proud to present our brand new catering menu with exquisite vegan catering for different occasions. We make the food from scratch using organic ingredients following the seasons.

Mögel buffet
A beautiful selection of everything that makes Mögel Mögel.

  • Kale and sprout sallad with roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Mögel's fermented beet sallad
  • Whole fermented vegetables of the season
  • Hazel&CashewYghrt with lemon zest
  • Mögel's special green spread
  • Pumpkin spread
  • Tempeh
  • Corn and seed crackers
  • Sourdough bread

Price: 220 kr per person
Minimum order: 10 persons
Max: 60

Taco buffet
Tempeh makes an awsome taco mince! Mögel's unique taco buffet has both traditional and very untraditional ingredients with tasty sauces and vegetables following the seasons.

Price: 220 per person
Minimum order: 10 persons
Max: 60

Pumpkin soup
A lovely smooth and sweet soup with salty fried tempeh and savoury fermented beets on top. Served with freshly baked sourdough bread.

Price: 150 kr
Minimum order: 10
Max: 40

Tunisian Stew
My family has a favorite soup that we've been cooking for years called Tunisian soup. This stew is based on that recipe but I've added my own touch. It's rich and filling with root vegetables and tempeh flavored with parsley, mint, caraway, cinnamon and red wine. Eat it as it is or order sallad and bread on the side.

Price: 120 kr
Sallad and bread: 30 kr
Minimum order: 10
Max: 40

Tasty spreads with fresh and fermented vegetables following the seasons and, of course, tempeh. Served on a sourdough bread or on a millet and buckwheat bread.

Price: 65 kr
Minimum order: 8
Max: 60

Treat your guests to a variety of unique and colourful canapés with wonderful flavours. We'll develop them so that they suit your event.

Price: 30 kr apiece
Minimum order: 100 pieces
Max: 300

Sallad box
A super fresh and luxurious sallad with sprouts, fermented and fesh vegetables, tempeh, sauces and quinoa, millet, buckwheat or barley. It comes ready to eat in a convenient box.

Price: 120 kr per box
Minimum order: 20
Maximum order: 80

Tiramisu cake
A lovely raw-ish cake with silk smooth cashew ice cream.

Price: 55 kr apiece
Minimum order: 6 pieces

Tasty balls with roasted oat flour available in flavours:
Cinnamon & Salt // Cacao & Licorice // Vanilla & Ginger

Price: 10 kr apiece

Our own kombucha made with white tea is available with the following flavours:
Natural // Ginger // Lemon & Celeriac // Fennel & Grape // Carrot & Ginger

Price: 1 bottle (500 ml) 45 kr



Didn't quite find what you were looking for? Give us a call and we'll sort it out! And yes, of course we can come and cook at your place.


Fermenting foods take time and we need your order at least 10 days before the event.

Cancellations made later than 7 days before the event will be charged with the full amount, except transportation.

Pick it up at our kitchen at Sköntorpsvägen 99 or have it delivered by bicycle or taxi.
Costs for deliveries including return of bowls etc. within 5 km from our kitchen: 600 kr.
For longer transportation we'll work out a solution together.

Plates and cutlery
If you don't have plates we can provide you with single use utensils for an added cost of 10 kr per person.

Dietary preferences
Making food that suits different dietary preferences challenges our creativity which we love! Please, be specific in your needs when you order so that we have time to plan a good meal for everyone.
Note that since we only have one kitchen no food can be guaranteed to be completely free of anything we use in there. For example we can make food without nuts and gluten but since we're using both nuts and gluten in our facilities we can never call it nut or gluten free.

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